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L&t  Panel Meters | Panel Meter Chennai

      Periodic Maintenance of Panels

      Annual Maintenance of ACBs

      Breakdown Maintenance

      APFC Panels supply and servicing

      Servicing of all Switchgear


L&t  Panel Meters | Panel Meter Chennai Glass front panel can be easily replaced
Facility for arranging meters in vertical or horizontal rows in a single rectangular cut-out simplify mounting.
Horizontal or vertical rectangular cut-outs enhance convenience for panel builders
Power, frequency and power factor meters are fitted with built-in measuring attachments
Specially designed terminal shrouds eliminate risk of contact with live parts


Scale replacement is quick and simple
No loss of accuracy
Interchangeable scale facility minimizes the carrying cost
Helps in reducing lead time
Permanently fixed click fit window
Specially pre-coated dials ensure that the colour shade remains consistent
Conform to the protection standards of IP 52


Panel Meters are made of glassfillied Polycarbonate
Flame–Retarding properties confirming to international regulations
Very high mechanical strength
Tensile strength is high
Elimanates the problem of corrosion and earthing
Dielectric strength permits use of high test voltages
L&t  Panel Meters | Panel Meter Chennai