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      Periodic Maintenance of Panels

      Annual Maintenance of ACBs

      Breakdown Maintenance

      APFC Panels supply and servicing

      Servicing of all Switchgear


FR wires have high oxygen and temperature index
prevents the spreading of fire even at high temperatures
Using 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity
Insulated with flame retardant
Specially formulated and manufactured in house


Telephone & Switchboard Cables designed for voice clarity and elimination of cross talk
Suitable for indoor use for interconnection of telephone and intercom system
Insulated cores are twisted with uniform lay to form pairs
Nylon rip cord provides effective means of slitting the jacket without damaging the insulated cores
The cables generally conform to ITD specifications


COAXIAL CABLES are made of high conductivity electrolytic grade annealed bare solid Copper conductor
Low loss in signal quality & clear picture
Provides better attennuation values compared with cable with single screen
Special grade PVC which is U.V and abrasion resistant.
Bonded aluminium foil to dielectric does not allows the moisture to enter the cable
Ideal for use in tropical condition