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      Periodic Maintenance of Panels

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      Breakdown Maintenance

      APFC Panels supply and servicing

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Provides protection & control of circuits against overloads & short-circuits in domestic, commercial & industrial electrical distribution systems
Available in 1-4 pole, 0.5 to 100A with type B, C or D tripping characteristics
Touch proof terminals i.e. protection against direct contact
Bi-connect facility i.e cable and busbar can be terminated separately allowing safe&fast connection
Conform to the latest version of the international standards IEC 898-1995 / IEC 947-2 / IS 8828-1996
Low let-through energy (class 3) saves power and reduces heat build-up
Two position din rail clips allows fast installation
Windows at the sides of MCB enable auxiliaries and earth leakage add-on blocks to be fitted providing additional proection and control
Suitable for DC applications – 1 pole up to 60V, 2 poles in series upto 125V
“NC” MCBs calibrated at 40°C

Provided with metal clad plugs and sockets
Ideal for power outlets
SPN 20A and TP 20A and 32A available
One way enclosures available in 1Row 2,4,6 modules
IP42 double door enclosures available in 1,2,3 & 4 row versions, 8 to 56 modules, are suitable for surface/ flush mounting
IP42 double door, 3 tier enclosures with provision for modular/MCCB main incomer
Incorporates three changeover switches for switching of phases in case of phase failure
Single door and double door version available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 TPN ways
IP42 double door enclosures available in 4, 6, 8, 12 TPN ways are suitable for surface/flush mounting
Separate compartments for main incomer,subincomers for each phase,outgoings of each phase